These replacement levies are not new taxes - they replace four-year levies that were approved by voters in 2020 and expire at the end of 2024. 
What is a school levy?
A levy is a local property tax passed by voters that generates revenue for operations of a school district.
Why do we have a levy?
Our schools rely on levies to bridge the gap between state funding and the actual cost of operating our schools.
Replacement levies will allow our district to continue to maintain high educational standards and prepare students for success in a rapidly evolving world through access to staff, programs, technology, and course offerings.
The renewal of these four-year levies would provide the district with a predictable and consistent source of revenue, allowing for better long-term planning and improved educational outcomes.
Our schools rely on levies to bridge the gap between state funding and the actual cost of operating our schools. Your support will be a direct investment in the future of the community, as well as in the education and opportunities provided to our students!

We are very grateful for all of the support the Pullman Community has provided over the years! ❤️❤️
Pullman Public Schools extends our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible Pullman Community for the unwavering support you have generously provided us throughout the years. Your dedication and commitment have played an invaluable role in shaping the education and opportunities we offer to our students.
We are deeply thankful for your continued partnership and look forward to many more years of collaboration, growth, and shared success. Your support truly makes a difference in the lives of our students, and for that, we are sincerely thankful.

Why are quality schools important?

quality education provides the foundation upon which one can build a productive and successful life. Through education, students obtain a magnitude of knowledge and learn fundamental skills for critical thinking, future learning, employment, independence, and the confidence to accomplish their dreams.

quality education provides opportunities to learn about the world and opens doors to determining and fulfilling dreams and ambitions, enabling individuals to establish themselves and contribute to society.
Picture of business woman holding sign that says she got the job
Picture of downtown Pullman
For our students, a higher level of education leads to: 
  • Higher likelihood of employment
  • Higher wages when employed
  • Improved physical & mental health
  • Increased civic participation (active & productive citizens) 
Quality Schools: 
  • Promote curiosity, creativity, innovation, and a growth-mindset
  • Provide safe and secure learning environments that foster optimal development of children and families.
For our community, quality schools are a wise investment! Quality schools:
  • Provide resources and support for children and their families
  • Impact business recruitment
  • Increase property values
  • Are an important part of economic development
  • Provide for a larger tax base
  • Lead to lower rates of poverty and unemployment.