Winter Weather Driving and Walking Safety Tips

Winter Weather Driving and Walking Safety Tips

Travel Safety

  • Ensure that you have installed your winter tires on your vehicle.
  •  Place your tire chains in your vehicle and ensure that you know how to install them if necessary.
  •  Place an emergency kit in your vehicle that includes; H2O, blanket, first aid kit, flashlight (with new batteries), energy bars and vehicle warning triangles and or flares.

  •  Inform someone of your trip plans with time of departure, route of travel and arrival time estimate and then keep them apprised of any changes.

  •  Slow your speed to adjust to wet, snowy, or icy road conditions. Add more time to your travel plans to ensure your safety.

Clothing & Walking Safety

  •  Wear shoes/boots with adequate traction. Bring your dress shoes in a bag into work to change into when you get to your desk.
  •  Use guard rails for support when walking up and down stairs or an incline.

  •  Slow down and watch where you are walking. If need be, alter your route to by-pass icy or snow covered areas.

As we progress through the winter, if you have any safety concerns or suggestions, please contact your student’s school, the transportation department (509.334.3911) or the district office (509.332.3581).

Have a safe winter!