Special Diets


Does your student have a medical condition requiring a special diet and they would like to eat meals at school?

Please provide the following form completed by your child's medical provider to Pullman Public Schools Nutrition Services at:

Pullman High School

Attn: Jessie Campbell


or you may email [email protected]



Request for Special Diet Form

Special Dietary Needs Requests

  • Pullman School District recognizes that student allergies may affect the way a child consumes school lunch. It is our goal to make all meals, allergen friendly or not, appealing and nutrient rich to all students. Allergy lunches may look different than a typical lunch, but are designed around specific student needs.
    Starting school year 2024-2025 Pullman School District schools will not be serving foods with peanuts, peanut products, tree nuts, tree nut products.
  • Pullman School District schools serve Sun Butter ( sunflower seed butter) instead of peanut butter sandwiches.

    Non-dairy milk is available to all students as part of breakfast and lunch.

    Lactose free yogurt is available at breakfast and lunch.

    Pork and gelatin are not served at K-5th grade schools.

    Pork products are indicated on the menu with a red asterisk.

    Nutrition Services Specific Procedures:

  • Once the school is informed of a food intolerance or allergy nutrition services staff will record initial contact information on the Special Dietary Request form, review dietary needs with the school nurse, and nutrition services supervisor. Meal accommodations will be made once the kitchen is informed about special dietary needs.
  • Students requesting special diet accommodations must have a medical provider with prescription authority complete the Special Diet Accommodation form. Copies of this completed form are provided to 1) school nurse, 2) head cook, 3) nutrition services supervisor.
  • Food allergy information is confidential and should be discussed discretely with individuals needing to know to protect student health.
  • Head cooks are responsible to knowing all student names and allergies who plan on participating in school breakfast and/or lunch.
  • Nutrition Services Supervisor will generate menus and/or guidance for each specific student, to be followed by each kitchen.
  • Kitchen must separate allergens from allergy free lunches (separate cutting boards, knifes, rags) to ensure cross contamination does not occur.
  • Kitchens must record special allergy meals on production record.
    Pullman School District #267 nurses supply updates on food allergies and food allergy management plans throughout the school year.