In-District Transfers


Parents who wish to have their student(s) attend a different school than the one assigned to them will need to complete an in-district transfer request. This request should be filled out and sent to the District Office.


The In-District Transfer form can be submitted the following ways: 

Email (scan or fill out digitally)
(509) 336-7202
Mail to District Office
Pullman Public Schools
Attn: Transfers
240 SE Dexter St
Pullman, WA 99163-2331
Drop off in person to the district office front desk
240 SE Dexter Street
Drop into district's blue, locked drop box
Located out front of the district office at 240 SE Dexter St
You may also drop your transfer request form at your current school or at the school you are requesting. 
Please note that if you already have students attending through an in-district transfer request from a previous year, but are now enrolling their sibling as a new student, you will still need to fill out the transfer request formWhile we strive to keep siblings together, sometimes space does not allow.



When are applications reviewed?

Applications for a new school year will be considered in early August prior to the start of the school year. Approval will be based on school capacity and may also include consideration of current enrollment in special programs, such as Title I, LAP, ELL, IEP/504 plan, or other circumstances.


During the school year, you may turn in a request form to transfer schools at any time and a decision will be made based on the same criteria listed above. 


Where can I find the transfer request form?

The form can be picked up at the district office, printed from our website using the links above and below, or filled out digitally and emailed to the district office. If there is a special circumstance for your request to move schools, it is suggested you also include a letter or an email to explain these circumstances. 


Can Pullman Public Schools staff request a student transfer?

Pullman School District certificated and classified staff may fill out an in-district transfer form if they work at another school that is not in their child’s attendance boundary and would like their child to attend the school they work at. RCW 28a.225.225


If approved, will transportation be provided?
Transportation for students requesting an in-district transfer will be the responsibility of the parent. There are exceptions for children who are homeless as defined by the McKinney-Vento act.
How will I receive notification of approval/denial?
In accordance with Policy 3131, the superintendent, prior to the start of the school year, shall provide all applicants with written notification of the approval or denial of the application for in-district student transfer. This will be by email, or if email is not available, by a letter via postal mail.
If approved, do I need to request for transfer each year?
If your child has been approved to attend the school of your choice, there is no need to fill out a form each year, unless otherwise noted on the form. If your circumstances change and the in-district transfer no longer works for your families needs, please notify the school you child currently attends as well as the school that is in your attendance boundary.



Students that qualify for services under the McKinney Vento Homeless Education Act shall be exempt from attendance area transfers. Please contact the Special Programs office at 509-332-3144 or [email protected] if you are experiencing housing hardships or are homeless.


Students that are eligible for special education services are subject to attendance area transfers in accordance with their Individual Education Plan (IEP).


Policy & Appeal Information

If a parent or guardian submits a request for in-district transfer and is denied, they can appeal the decision following the process in Policy 4220 Complaints Concerning Staff or Programs.


Related Policies, Procedures, and Form 


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