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Since the 1990-91 school year, our secondary students who live in-town have used Pullman Transit as their transportation to and from school. 
Why is 2023-2024 Different Than Previous Years?
Starting in the 1990-1991 school year, Pullman Public Schools has had a partnership with the City of Pullman and Pullman Transit to provide transportation for our secondary students in grades 6-12 who live in city limits (referred to as "trippers"). 
In Spring of 2022, the City of Pullman and their transit department made a decision in the Spring of 2022 to not renew their contract with Pullman School District for LMS & PHS Tripper service. Because of this, there have been some changes to the routine as well as some changes to routes/stops.
How Will My Student Get to/from School? 
Since the end of our contract, Pullman Transit is now offering free student transportation through their Youth Fare-Free Policy, funded through statewide transportation funding. This policy allows all students to receive a free transit pass that allows them to ride the city buses at any time to any Pullman bus route destination.
This new system and routing will replace the dedicated "Trippers" for students to get to and from LMS/PHS. Students will now use their free city bus pass to ride regular Pullman Transit routes to and from school. 

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New! PSD "Yellow Bus Express" Supplemental Routes
As a result of Pullman Transit ending our "trippers" contract and in an effort to supplement the bus service provided by Pullman Transit for in-town LMS & PHS students, the Pullman School District has put together some supplemental routes for students needing to get to and from their school. 
These routes will be covered by rural routes buses that make multiple stops at schools or by an in-town elementary route that has time after the morning drop off to run shuttles across town.  
You can view these routes by click the LMS or PHS icon above.  
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