Emergency Distance Learning

Emergency Distance Learning Plan


During these uncertain times we are sure of one thing, and that is that our community is supportive and resilient. We want to bring assurance to our families that we are ready to provide high quality education that meets our students where they are and we are prepared to adapt as conditions change and a class, school, or our district is required to implement distance learning. 

We also know that everyone is at a different level of readiness when it comes to distance learning. The information contained in the plan below outlines the key pieces regarding how distance learning will operate if a class, school, or our district is required to go online. This, we hope, will be short-term if required and we anticipate after quarantine our students will return to in-person learning once again.

In making these determinations, we use the health and safety guidelines from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), Washington Department of Health (DOH), Whitman County Health Department, and Labor and Industry (L&I).

Please note: There are currently not any established metrics or thresholds upon which the state would recommend a return to virtual school. As COVID-19 guidance is updated, we will work to keep families informed. 


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In the event a class, school, or the district must quarantine due to COVID-19, the district will implement distance learning following the guidance outlined in the district's Emergency Distance Learning Plan. 



Helpful Resources

Find information about the learning management systems used at our schools as well as instructions and tips on how to use them.

A temporary FCC program to help households struggling to afford internet service during the pandemic. The benefit provides up to a $50/month discount for broadband services and a one-time discount of up to $100 for a laptop, desktop computer, or table purchased through a participating provider. 

Resources for families to help their student(s) navigate the challenges that come with distance learning. 

COVID information for families, including school-specific information and protocols for masks, vaccine information, when to stay home from school, arrival & departure, the classroom, meals & recess, the isolation room, quarantine, transportation and cleaning/supplies. You may also find other helpful COVID-19 resources on this page.