For Staff: Involvement in Election Activities

To all District Employees:

Several of you have asked about guidelines for participating in election activities at school, either a general election or a school election campaign. The general rule of thumb is that election campaigning is off limits when acting as an agent/employee of the District, while at work, or using district resources (paper, copying, e-mail, internet, district phone, etc.). Providing factual and unbiased information about a school district ballot measure is permitted. You do not give up your rights to participate in campaign activities as an individual. You may wear campaign material on your person at while at work in the District, but take care not display campaign material other than on your person (i.e., draping a jacket that has a campaign button attached over a chair).

Other Resources:
District Policy 4400: Election Policies
Procedure 4400P: Election Activities
Guidelines for School Districts in Election

Please contact a school principal or district administrator if you have specific questions. I hope this information is helpful.

As always, thanks for all you do for the kids!

Bob Maxwell