Family Communications


Starting the 2023-24 school year, districts are required to bring their practices into alignment with the new language access legislation. Pullman School District has launched Q Communication powered by ParentSquare—a simple and unified school-to-home communication platform—to reach and engage every parent/guardian, helping ensure all families have the opportunity to receive information that will allow them to actively participate in their children’s education.

Keeping our families up-to-date with all school and district information is of the utmost importance to our district! We understand, at times, that this can be overwhelming. We try to limit our district communications as much as possible. District and school-specific communications are sent out using one or more of these communication methods:


Parents/guardians and students, in grades 9-12, can now receive all announcements from the district and their schools’ teachers and coaches in one place, with options to specify how and when they are notified. By unifying multiple tools into one communications app and service, parent/guardians and secondary students will be provided with a seamless experience to keep track of news, activities and events from all their children’s schools in one place.

Click here for more information about ParentSquare.


Once a month, a newsletter from the Superintendent is released. You can view these newsletters here.


Pullman Public Schools tries to post all information on our website. Any new or important information can be found on the main page in one of these sections: banners, Keep Current section, and the District News section.


Pullman School District uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to keep our families connected. You may also find our social media on our homepage under the Stay Connected section. 

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