Board Responsibilities

The Board sets school policies within the guidelines of the law of the State Board of Education.

Members are responsible for:

  • setting & evaluating district goals and policies.
  • deciding how district money is spent.
  • approving the budget.
  • selecting the superintendent.
  • serving as a liaison between the schools and the community.
  • staying abreast of educational trends.
  • working toward change when necessary.
  • approving personnel changes and salaries.
  • approving district instructional programs.

Board members appreciate having district residents, students, staff members, and other interested persons attend board meetings. Citizen comment is vital to the successful operation of the school board. The board can better represent the community when you and others take the time and effort to observe the board in action, to express your opinion, and to raise questions. If you wish to add an item to a regular board meeting agenda, notify the superintendent no later than the Wednesday before a regularly scheduled meeting.

Board Protocol/Operating Principles