Food and Snack Policy

Food & Snacks Policy

All foods offered on the school campus will meet or exceed the USDA Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards, including:
1. Foods brought for celebrations and parties.
The district will provide a list of healthy party ideas to parents and teachers, including non-food celebration ideas.
2. Classroom snacks brought by parents.
The district will provide to parents a list of foods and beverages that meet Smart Snack nutrition standards. All food must be dropped off at the school office and will be distributed to the classroom at the appropriate time.
  • All food must be store purchased, pre-packaged, labeled with ingredients. Home prepared or home packaged food will not be allowed.
  • Students are discouraged from distributing candy and other food to classmates. If the student makes the choice to do this, it must be done under staff supervision in accordance with policy and procedure.
  • There will be no impromptu food parties. These events will be calendared at the beginning of the year on each classroom’s calendar. All parents will receive notification.
  • Parents will be given at least one week’s advanced notice of any changes to the calendar. This will help parents of students with allergies and other health issues related to food to be able to plan ahead for events.
3. Rewards and incentives.
The district will provide teachers and other relevant school staff a list of alternative ways to reward children. Foods and beverages will not be used as a reward, or withheld as punishment for any reason, such as for performance or behavior.