Wellness Committee

Purpose: The Wellness Advisory Committee assists in development of the district wide nutrition and physical fitness policy and goals. The committee may include food service directors and staff, parents, building level administrators, school board members, students, nutritionists, health care professionals, physical education staff, the public, and interested community organizations.

District Committee Members:

  • Jim Bruce, Jefferson Elementary Principal
  • Michelle Hyatt, District Nurse
  • Bob Maxwell, Superintendent
  • Amanda Tanner, Board Representative
  • Joe Thornton, Director of Operations

Community Representatives:

  • Jessica Perone, WSU Center for Civic Engagement

Wellness Goals:
1. Improve the quality of school food by emphasizing healthy fresh foods

  • Cooked on site from scratch
  • Locally or regionally sourced
  • Presented attractively and sustainably

2. Implement a school pantry program to promote student nutrition during times when school food is not available.

  • Provide staples to families in need
  • Develop discreet methods of distribution

3. Support walking and biking to school through

  • Collaboration with City of Pullman et. Al. to develop safe routes and path networks
  • Parent education and outreach

Guiding Policies and Procedures:

Please Note: Our Meetings are Open to All!